Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween is only a couple days away from FortLAN 2017! That means we want you to test your costume out ahead of time and participate in the FortLAN 2017 Halloween Costume Contest!


TheAsianChubbyBunny – Cosplay Professional
James Fislar – FortCON
Brian Leitson – Gamers for Giving

Registration is from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Saturday.

The competition will take place on the main stage at 6:00 PM.

While FortLAN enjoys convention quality cosplay contests, we are going to leave that up to those events thatĀ have better knowledge in that area. OurĀ aim is for people to get excited and have fun with this. All costumes [within appropriate/PG-13 taste] are welcome!