MotoRuxin made it to her first LAN event at FortCON 2016 and was an exhibitor at FortCON 2017 and 2018! We are excited to have her back this year as an exhibitor! She is also a Twitch Affiliate and will be streaming most of the event, playing games and doing some cross stitching as well. She attended TwitchCON 2017 and will have some cross stitch items for sale. Check out her booth and say hello! Give her Twitch channel some love and follow her on Facebook!

Purdue Fort Wayne Esports

LOL IPFW has rebranded with the changes to PFW during the past year. This college club team is looking to expand the Fort Wayne LOL with their presence.

Spectrum: Virtual Reality Arcade

“At Spectrum, we focus on providing premium virtual reality experiences at an affordable cost. Founded in mid 2017, we strive to bring a new age of arcade, group, and family fun to everyone. Virtual reality technology can be highly limited for the average consumer, often requiring high end performance specs, lots of space, and a tech savvy affinity. We know this can be a large deterrent for most, so we set out to make it accessible.”

The Real Razgriz

Scott is a local Fort Wayne Twitch Streamer and an affiliate. He plays a wide range of games and enjoys streaming when he can. Stop by his area, say hey, and play some games with him. Check him out Twitch and give him a follow.

Trine University

Trine University will be on site at FortCON 2019 promoting their eSports program. Trine currently has 5 teams participating in regional competition, include CS:GO, DOTA 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, and Rocket League. For more information about their program, check out their table!


unhh is a local Fort Wayne streamer, using the Twitch platform to promote their streams. Check it out below!


VGTrooper is a local Fort Wayne streamer, using the Mixer platform to promote their streams. Check it out below!