Antonio D’Archangel

Antonio is a case modding enthusiast who is passionate about custom cases and builds, but he is also planning on opening a new technology store in the Fort Wayne area, focusing on computer builds, repairs, sales, and consultation. Antonio and his staff will be on hand to help out with small repairs, consultation, and will you help you out with any cabling and cable management jobs! Check out his work, talk shop, and help him get his local business going!

The Build Guild

The Build Guild is an awesome group in Fort Wayne, who offers tools and a space to make stuff for a monthly membership fee. If you want to make a costume or prop, paint a picture, make a wedding dress, repair furniture, build a sculpture, or pretty much anything, The Build Guild offers a space and tools for you! If you are interested in learning new skills, they offer workshops to teach you how to do those tasks.


LoL IPFW is Indiana University Purdue University’s official eSports and League of Legends collegiate program. If you are a student at IPFW, check out their booth and recruitment! Also, make sure to subscribe to their Facebook page and be on the lookout for local LAN party and events that they offer!


MotoRuxin made it to her first LAN event last year at FortCON 2016 and we are excited to have her back this year as an exhibitor! She is a Twitch Affiliate and will be streaming most of the event, playing games and doing some cross stitching as well. She attended TwitchCON 2017 and will have some cross stitch items for sale. Check out her booth and say hello! Give her Twitch channel some love and follow her on Facebook!

Rainbow Moon Shop

Looking to buy some geek related crafts, necklaces, earrings, decorations, and more? Jenna will be back this year at FortCON 2017, promoting her Etsy business, Rainbow Moon Shop. She is building up her inventory and will have her equipment on site to make custom perler bead creations just for you! Make her feel welcome to FortCON and check out some of her creations. If you are an Animal Crossing: New Leaf player, bring your 3DS and come check out MeowTown!

Slipstream eSports

Slipstream eSports is a local eSports group that started in 2017, with the goal of building a community and place for players to develop and grow. They currently have CS:GO and Overwatch squads but are looking to expand into other games. Check out their booth, play some Guitar Hero, hang out with them, and help build a local eSports scene!

FortCON 2016 Exhibitors

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The Deck Factory
FW Artemis Armada
Nocturne Kittie
Rainbow Moon Shop
Sloth E-Sports
XscapE Gaming Center Cafe