About Us

About Us

FortLAN originally started in Fort Wayne around 2003/2004, providing PC gamers a way of playing PC games with fast connection speeds, via a Local Area Connection and gaming servers on site. With the rise of broadband Internet connections and online gaming platforms, LAN parties became less popular since fast connection speeds could be met at home and you didn’t need to lug around your PC and CRT monitor. Also, Microsoft and Sony provided cheaper means of online gaming with their XBOX and Playstation consoles. FortLAN would only last a few years after first inception.

FortLAN picked up momentum again as James Fislar and David Delamarter of Fort Wayne, IN dreamed of reviving FortLAN in 2012. December 2012 was the trial run of FortLAN with over 30 people showing up to their first mini-LAN. Two months later, FortLAN I took place at Indiana Tech with more than 50 people attending. LAN parties were happening three times a year at Indiana Tech, peaking with over 100 attendees. Indiana Tech is a gracious host who has treated FortLAN and their attendees superbly.

With steady growth, and an awesome and loyal fan base, FortLAN decided to up their game and try out a new venue with a new event; an event with more power and more space. FortCON 2016 was a successful event held in June 2016 at the Grand Wayne Convention Center, Fort Wayne, IN, with over 300 total participants! This was the Grand Wayne Convention Center’s first 24/7 event.

In 2017, FortLAN is planning FortCON 2017 because of our demand from fans, the success of FortCON 2016, and our good relationship with the Grand Wayne Convention Center! FortLAN is excited to organize another large event in October 2017!

(Updated March, 2017)